yo im marlies and i am here to post and draw
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"your commission!!!! thank you for commissioning me!!"

Thank you so much it’s beautiful!!! I absolutely LOVE IT <3


ever since erwin made a comment about being a creepy kid, i’ve been wondering what he meant. i always see erwin when he was young as being like eren in that he does not have an off button, like he is always Very Serious about Everything, but way WAY more socially aware than eren, almost to a weird degree. he knows times to keep his mouth shut and what to say and when.

like maybe he knew he could get what he wanted by manipulating people because he was smarter than everyone around him but he wasn’t really into self-serving. he saw things no one else saw and was fascinated with the outside world and knew that people were going to have to sacrifice a lot to capture that world.

idealistic, very determined, kind of severe. not a bad kid or a selfish one without guilt or remorse. just very end-justifies-the-means, very slytherin.


i’m actually rewatching these weebs





I hit an unexpected bump with the rent and bills, so I’m opening up commissions again! it will help me not get rusty as well. If you would like a badass beastie like these (these have been some of my fav commissions) then hit me up! prices vary from 35USD to 20USD depending on detail, and I can add extra figures at a discount, glyph icons/avatars are at 10USD, and if you’d like a tattoo commission we can discuss pricing. 

My first commissioners get a cheaper rate because I have some bills coming up! 

please signal boost if you can! 

Ya’ll should commission Mona for some awesome art, if you can, because DAMN! Look at those gorgeous beasts!


hello I’ve crawled out from the depth of the earth ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ✧˖ ° 

prints available @ Otakon 2014 table S-02


the arabian prince and his bodyguards